Application Package

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The application process starts with a decision of the applicant on which type of investment project he wants to apply for: a Technology-Driven project or an Energy Audit Driven project.

In the case of a technology-driven project, the applicant starts with selecting the type of equipment from the List of materials and equipment, which are eligible for funding, and conducts a selection of a contractor, subject to selection between at least three offers, see also chapter “Selection of contractors”). Based on the actual costs of the equipment a grant application form is submitted to the Project Assistant (Step 1).

The Project Assistant then performs a technical eligibility and contractor selection check (Step 2). In case both checks are positive, the applicant is informed and can approach a Participating Bank for obtaining the financial eligibility confirmation (Step 3, see also chapter “Loan Financing”).

After this step the applicant submits the application form to the Managing Authority for final approval, after which the Grant Agreement is signed and the project implementation can start (Steps 5 and 6).

In the case of an Energy-Audit project, the applicant has first to contract a  Energy Audit Companyto perform a simplified energy audit. The contracted Energy Audit Company must be listed in the public register under the Energy Efficiency Act. Based on the results of the energy audit, the applicant defines the project and prepares and submits the application form to the Project Assistant (Step 1).

After the technical eligibility check of the Project Assistant (Step 2) and after the financial eligibility check of the Participating Bank (Step 3), the applicant conducts the conditional procedure for the selection of a contractor .(Step 4).  Choosing a contractor is done by conducting a procedure under Decree № 55/2007. (see also section “Selection of contractors”) or by collecting at least three offers.
After the Project Assistant performs a compliance check for the selection of the contractor (Step 4), the applicant can submit the application form to the Managing Authority.

After the implementation of the project, the correct technical implementation is checked by the Verification Assistant (Step 7), upon which the Managing Authority will  provide provide the grant (see also chapter “Grant Financing”).