Grant Financing

Grant Financing

The grant funding in this Programme is provided by the Managing Authority (MA) and is financed with funds from the OP Competitiveness. The Managing Authority is responsible for the final approval of the grant applications and it also contracts the grant agreements with the approved applicants.

Only project proposals from applicants which passed the technical eligibility and contractor selection compliance check (performed by the Project Assistant) and the financial eligibility check (performed by one of the Participating Banks) will be checked and approved by the MA.

The maximum grant amount for an individual project is 2 million. BGN. The grant intensity depends on the project type and is capped at 50% of the eligible costs:

Project TypeGrant Intensity (% of total eligible costs)
Technology Driven Projects (LEME)30%
Energy Audit Driven Projects40%

Bonus grant for the following features:

  • Technology-driven projects based on an optional energy audit
  • Projects involving CHP
  • Renewable energy projects covering the own needs of the enterprise
  • Fuel switch projects
  • Introduction of an Energy Management System
  • Projects implemented in priority economic sectors
10% (for each feature)

Within this programme, two state aid regimes are applicable, the “de minimis Aid”  scheme and the “Regional Investment Aid” .

According to the de minimis rule, enterprises may only receive aid of up to  391, 066 BGN  over a period of  three consecutive financial years. The de minimis regime is applied to:

  • Investments, included in the List of materials and equipment, which are eligible for financing (except equipment for production purposes); and
  • Services (costs for energy audits, costs for implementation and certification of management systems in accordance with the standards БДС  EN 16001 (Energy Management Systems)/EN ISO 50001, visibility measures and project audits).

All other project costs are funded under the rules of the Regional Investment Aid regime. Detailed guidance on the eligibility of costs and their allocation to the different state aid regimes can be found in the application package on the Programme website and on the website of the MA.